Thursday, April 13, 2017

class #15 3d warehouse

today mr kelley taught us about 3d warehouse and how to add windows and doors and make them fit our houses i have a pretty good pic of a deck and window it was fun now this will help make our houses nicer looking than a bunch of cut holes and other stuff

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

heritage tour class

on Friday we went to New York it was a fun day we went to a wax museum and saw Morgan freeman there was a lot of other stars there after that we walked and went to this spray paint booth the guy made a pretty cool painting over all it was a good day and a good trip

herratige tour class

on Thursday we were in Gettysburg getting a tour of the batllefeild it was pretty fun other than it was a little rainy i had fun after we went to this place called national harbor it had a huge fares
wheel we went on it also had a bunch of stores and places to eat we had a five cheese pizza and it was the greatest thing ever after we went out onto the turf and sat and watched baseball on a giant tv.

Friday, March 31, 2017

last tutorial

this was dynamis components it was the last tutorial we did we looked at different items on sketchup

class #14 stuff

today is the last day before heritage tour we made shore out tutorials and stuff were done and i worked on my house a little.

tutorial 6

this  is the 6th tutorial we did it showed us new tools and taught us how to stack blocks

tutorial 5

this is the 5th tutorial we did when we looked at a kitchen and colored it the way we wanted it to be.